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Public going Private

Public going private for these reasons. Why is it week after week there’s always something on the news about our Ontario public education? It makes you think that your tax dollars aren’t being used to their full potential. Well it’s true. Public school is heading towards private and we have all the tea in this episode. Tune in to hear more about the frustrations we see in the public sector and the reasons behind parents considering private/independent schools for their children.

Just last week

I attended the Parents of Black Children council meeting where parents were encouraged to talk about the issues their child faces at school. Here were my findings.

4 Main Issues Black Children Faced At School

  1. Black children were being bullied for the colour of their skin. This isn’t new, but there wasn’t any significant change either. This now becomes the responsibility of parents/guardians to instill confidence in their child to counter anti-Black discrimination. 
  2. Parents aren’t being informed of incidents at school where their children are harmed. This was alarming. Trust is built with transparency. When schools do not fully disclose information about our children, this trust is broken and needs to be repaired. 
  3. Minority leaders in positions of power are too afraid to help their own. Children look for representation within the school to lean on in times of need. In predominantly white environments, minority leaders need to navigate their work environment. A lack of support could leave a minority leader afraid of speaking up out of fear of becoming ostracized at their job. 
  4. Incidents filed and not followed through. It’s infuriating to believe that after filing a complaint, it takes consistent and persistent effort on our end for the file to be addressed. 

These were some of the many concerns our Black parents were expressing. Through these conversations, we concluded:

3 Factors which led to these traumatic experiences

  1. Lack of diversity. When there is more than one Black student in a class, it creates an environment where a child can feel more confident in expressing their culture. 
  2. Lack of representation. We need more than one Black teacher in a building. We need Black educators and education support workers who will stand up for our children. A student needs to see themselves in positions of power to gain confidence in being successful in academic spaces. 
  3. Lack of inclusive curriculum. Inclusivity goes beyond reading books with Black authors. We need a curriculum that is anti-racism and allows our children to see themselves in a positive light.

If you had enough of the education system and believe that your child deserves better, Korina and I are here to provide a solution.


WE LISTEN: Are you a Black parent seeking support in navigating the education system? Whether it’s finding a tutor from your cultural background or seeking educational advice, we’re here to listen and tailor the best solutions for you.

WE UNDERSTAND: As a minority and women-led organization, we intimately grasp the challenges students face in the education system. We believe in providing a positive educational experience that validates cultural identities, invests in academic potential, and sparks a passion for learning.

WE TAKE ACTION: More Than Just A School is committed to breaking down financial barriers for families in need. Our mission is to reduce educational inequality across the GTA. No problem is too big or small—we’re here to take action and provide customized solutions to meet your needs. Get involved today and let’s shape a brighter future for education together!

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